Don't forget to buy your ticket for our inaugural CMV Winter Ball

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CMV, or Cytomegalovirus, is a common virus that can infect people of all ages. Once CMV is in a person’s body, it stays there for life. Most healthy adults and children will have no signs or symptoms and no long-term effects from CMV. It can, however, be very dangerous to unborn babies.


At CMV Australia we understand just how difficult a diagnosis of CMV can be for your family. The early days following diagnosis can be bewildering and upsetting. As your child gets older they may face new challenges as a result of the virus. Join us today and allow us to support you on your journey.


Pregnant women are recommended to take steps to reduce their risk of exposure to CMV and so reduce the risk of their developing baby becoming infected.


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Don’ forget to buy your tickets to the Inaugural CMV Winter Ball! Only 60 days to go!